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From the artistical and intellectual alliance of charismatic partners who have the same love for design and furniture, Richardel Murano sees the light. Experience in the field of lighting and a creative input have driven Richardel Murano to become one of the most promised company, thanks to a solid business policy and communication choices.
The heart of it, is the Murano glass, where it can be surrounded by a multitude of possibilities of creation, from the Rezzonical lamps to those with a more modern design, until arriving to experiment objects of various types, for home and others. A large choice of objects with a unique style, characterised with a personalised touch, as only art can do its uniqueness being a handicraft.

Tradizione e innovazione

Tradition and innovation:
Richardel Murano borrows from the oldest tradition of glass making in Murano, all the knowledge, the technique and the passion for creating and modelling the glass, through the heat of skilful masters artisans.
Suggestions of the past reinvented with the mastery and the impulse of the present, for a contemporary collection, which can suggest 60's and 70's designs when interior design started to be a pleasure for the eyes.
These objects are supported by traditional and typical Venetian art, to imitate glorious past events.
It is on the basis of the utmost quality of materials used, the most precise care for details, every piece is studied and done by a team of qualified experts, before being produced.
A communication project and distribution policy wants to reach a target caring for the fashion but faithful to tradition's lessons.

La novità

The distinctiveness of Richardel Murano's objects is characterised - compared to other competitors - by an accurate study of the target.
The youngest design has given birth to new and original objects, using traditional techniques and evolving with new shapes and vivid colours to allow us to get closer to the pure idea until now impracticable.
The result is a collection of very new and futuristic pieces, adaptable to any tipe of interior decoration, for home, from the most classic to the most modern, but also for commercial activities, locations, show rooms, business decoration for meetings, movie sets.

La comunicazione

Communication :
Communication is the result of a planned strategy, studied in details : each piece having a value already from the photos, but becoming obvious when touching it, seeing it live, admiring its impressiveness, its presence in a location, confirming it is unique. It is the slight imperfection which proofs it's handicraftness, it makes of it a unique piece, impossible to copy, personalised.
Communication which links in a transversal way, in addition to the home and furniture reality, also the wedding area, for its tradition, craftmanship and preciousness.
Also a selection of references, with partner companies, who can promote the product in a very new way and without any doubt winning.

Il packaging

The packaging :

The packaging becomes a very precious wrapping : a refined packaging which makes the object more valued, it keeps the expectaion to see what is there inside this pack, discovering the content and then wanting to expose it.

Richardel Murano is a guarantee in time, because it cherishes its customers and cares about their desires.