Where a refelected light, a glare is born. It irradiates, welcomes the senses in an embrace of the light.
Where pure material becomes inspiration, the glass gets transformed through the action of heat, with the influence of colour.
The birth of Richardel Murano is the result of great passion for the glassmaking art in Murano through technique and knowledge during centuries of history. Murano being the center of glassmaking in Venice area. It is also synonimous with the creation of finest and most elegant glass such as magnificent lamps.
Passion for beauty and meaning of beauty, quality and design : these are the distinctive points of a collection of young, fresh and innovative objects for light equipment. Remember, the Murano glass has a worldwide monopoly.
New shapes and modern colours play with the light, softening it and becoming part of the lamp.
The taste is modern, sophisticated, although sometimes inspired to the glorious 60's and 70's, when furniture becomes pleasure, home becomes sweet home and the idea becomes object.
Richardel Murano, poetry of shapes and tradition which becomes an idea.

Illuminazione per alberghi
Lampade per hotel
Illuminazione per hotel, albergo
Lampade per comunità, settore alberghiero
Lampade da parete, da tavolo
Lampadari per alberghi, hotel, zone comuni
Plafoniere per camere di hotel, camere di alberghi
Piantane per camere di hotel, camere di alberghi
Appliques per alberghi
Appliques per hotel